Propagandhi – Where Quantity is Job 1 – Review


Where Quantity is Job 1 (G-7 Welcoming Committee)
by Tim Den

God strike me dead the day I stop loving Propagandhi. Even on their “rarest, most out-of-print, livest, most demo-est… shitty piece of turd,” they prove themselves to be not only lyrical masters, but torch-bearers of brilliant pop-punk melodies. Everything from “Utter Crap Song” to “Resisting Tyrannical Government (Different Studio Version)” serves as a lesson to millions of bands out there that guitars and vocals can actually do different things. The intellectual content of their compositions lives up to its literary counterpart, never conforming to pop-punk standards and always trying something new. Whether it’s “Refusing to be a Man” or “Homophobes are Just Mad cuz They Can’t Get Laid,” both the message and the melodies build their strength on not taking the conventional route. The result: original, kick-ass songs you can enjoy while slamming the gas pedal or humming to yourself. Punk rockers everywhere should drop their fashion show and learn how to play/sing like Chris. Positively delightful.
(PO Box 3-905 Corydon Winnipeg, MB R3M 3S3 Canada)