A Compilation of Warped Music II – Review

A Compilation of Warped Music II

(Side One Dummy)
by Tim Den

Before I say anything about this comp, I have to ask a question: Who needs a comp of bands on the Warped Tour? It’s fairly obvious that people spit out $40+ to go to the damn thing (since it’s the new Lollapolooza), so why the hell would anyone pay another $16+ to be “introduced” to the bands they’ve already paid too much to see? Like the festival hasn’t done enough to suck out everything that’s fun about punk rock as it is. Shitty locations, expensive water, overpriced food and merchandise… Whoopie.

With that said, justice should still be given to the artists here who have yet again proven their worth. Sick Of It All and 7 Seconds are as flawless as ever, Less Than Jake is still a great fucking band (even if they’re skacore [even if you don’t like the genre, you can’t deny that LTJ writes good fucking songs and everyone else is just copying them]), Suicidal Tendencies sound better than they have during most of the ’90s, and tracks from H20 (doing a mean imitation of United Blood-era Agnostic Front) and Dropkick Murphys prove that being old school and anthemy is as fun as ever. New comers Molotov and their soulful Mexican revolutionary folk-beat also shake some asses, not to mention offering some insightful glimpses into life in the other America. But hold on… where’s Sprung Monkey? They played the Warped Tour a bunch of times! Leaving them out and Assorted Jellybeans and Unwritten Law in is a crime.

So if you think it’s worth it to buy this even though you’ve already paid out the ass for the shows (and don’t mind owning a comp full of stuff from records you probably already own), break a leg. Others appearing: Pennywise, 98 Mute, MxPx, 22 Jacks, Deviate, Good Riddance, Riverfenix, Clowns For Progress, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Amazing Crowns, The Aquabats!, Mustard Plug, Frenzal Rhomb, and (ugh) Blink 182.
(6201 Sunset Blvd. #211 Hollywood, CA 90028)