Koufax – Review


by Tim Den

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome band #3096745, yet another outfit who realized it’s easier to get laid if you look nerdy (what’s the world coming to these days!?). They come equipped with Beck’s wardrobe (nothing says “I really like getting chicks” like dirty jeans and unkempt hair), indie rock fashions (sweater vests and tight white Ts are flying out the stores!), keyboards (because The Get Up Kids did it, and all of a sudden it’s the thing to have in a band. I’ve got news for you: It was cool way before you idiots realized it. It doesn’t need your brown-nosing to confirm its place in music), vintage gear, and attempts at pop a-plenty. And like every other band in the same category/dilemma, this band can barely write decent melodies. Surprise, surprise… As if others who came before haven’t already set the precedent – punk rock kid discovers hardcore. Punk rock kid who discovered hardcore discovers the catchiness of pop and tries to mimic it to get more girls. Punk rock kid who tries too hard can barely keep a tune, much less veil a pathetic attempt at jumping on the bandwagon. Puke. Play this for Elvis Costello and Rufus Wainwright fans (where the real pop’s at) and they’ll die laughing. Oh, and please don’t soil Weezer’s name again. Do it one more time and I swear I’ll kill.