Good Riddance – My Republic – Review

July 28, 2006

Perhaps the band’s most melodic release, forgoing much of their past attack-based hardcore in exchange for sweet hooks. Catchy, driving, motivational tunes.

Plea for Peace Take Action – Review

April 19, 2002

This comp and the tour that supported it brought some of the biggest names in underground music across the nation, raising donations and spreading good music.

For Those Who Stand – Review

April 19, 2002

The more struggle for equality, defying authority, speaking up against “the norm,” the better. And what better way to do it all than through music?

Of Things to Come – Review

September 1, 1999

A 14-song, 33 minute soundtrack to a snowboarding video and, for a change, not a bunch of songs you wonder how the hell anyone could ever snowboard to.

Oldies but Goodies – Review

November 1, 1998

Oldies But Goodies is kind enough to include photos, logos, and addresses for all the bands involved, as well as listing who each song was made famous by.

Before You Were Punk – Review

June 1, 1997

Before You Were Punk coulda been another collection of the same hotshot punk bands covering silly songs from a decade many wish we could deny we were a part of.