For Those Who Stand – Review

For Those Who Stand

(Tear it Down)
by Tim Den

Yet another comp for a good cause (gay and lesbian rights). Hey, more power to ’em: The more struggle for equality, defying authority, speaking up against “the norm,” the better. And what better way to do it all than through music? Though I do wish For Those Who Stand included more exclusive songs… most of the material on here has been previously released. But who am I to argue against Refused? Or Shai Hulud and Indecision? Quality hardcore must be praised cuz there’s just so little of it around.

For Those Who Stand also digs up a few forgotten goodies from Abhinanda, By The Grace Of God, By A Thread, and The Judas Factor: All hardcore/post-hardcore/emo bands that have watched their respective genres go down the shitter in their absence. God, do I miss these guys. Also on here are the usual bands that are all over every comp: AFI, Boy Sets Fire, Good Riddance, and The (International) Noise Conspiracy. But since they’re all heavy-hitters and a helluva lot better than their contemporaries, I ain’t gonna argue. So keep supporting every cause that spits in the face of the ignorant mass population, even if it means buying comps of songs you already own a few times over. Others standing: The Cause, Snapcase, Against The Wall, Elliott.
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