Good Riddance – My Republic – Review

goodriddance200Good Riddance

My Republic (Fat Wreck Chords)
by Tim Den

Even though Good Riddance have slowed their activities down considerably in the past few years (with certain members playing in side projects such as Outlie and Only Crime), it’s good to see that they haven’t thrown in the towel. My Republic is perhaps the band’s most melodic release to date, forgoing much of their past anger and attack-based hardcore in exchange for sweet hooks. Even the guitars are not as typically “heavy” as, say, Paint It Black, instead taking on similarities to The Loved Ones in terms of “clear and pronounced.” But if you’re concerned with “heavy guitars,” then you’re listening for the wrong band anyway. It’s not the setting of the distortion pedal, it’s the heart of the song that matters. And songs My Republic has a lot of: Catchy, driving, motivational tunes that make the best of the melodic punk/hardcore genre. After 20 years in the game, Good Riddance have still got it.