World Warped III Live – Review

World Warped III Live

(Side One Dummy)
by Tim Den

Maybe I’m delusional, but I can’t help feeling like “someone’s finally listening!” Whether Side One Dummy took in my review of Warped Music Vol. 2 or not is beyond me, but they have done exactly what I urged: Make the Warped comps a documentation of the live music instead of just a collection of the artists’ already pre-existing album tracks. Whereas the first two volumes tried to pass as a “here’s an introduction to all the great bands that are on this little festival called Warped Tour,” someone somewhere realized that – now that the touring festival is in its sixth and most successful run – combining a bunch of songs from NOFX and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones won’t really sell cuz everyone already owns ’em. So they did the sensible thing and displayed what the energetic shows across the country sound like. Sure, not all the songs are recorded on the Warped Tour, but most are and all sound like the summertime fun that the festival represents. So pick up World Warped III Live because it places you right on that huge grassy field in front of 20+ screaming bands under gorgeous sunny skies. Other Warped: Dropkick Murphys, Unwritten Law, No Use For A Name, Less Than Jake, 7 Seconds, Long Beach Dub AllStars, Hot Water Music, Gob, Pennywise, The Amazing Crowns, MxPx, Lit, Royal Crown Revue, Supersuckers, Papa Roach, H2O, Blink-182, The Line, Flogging Molly, One Man Army, Lunachicks, Bad Religion, and Anti-Flag.