Agent 51 – Just Keep Runnin’ – Review

Agent 51

Just Keep Runnin’ (Adeline)
by Scott Hefflon

A 20-song follow-up to their debut, Red Alert, might be considered a bit much, but Agent 51 goes down smooth and easy. They’re snappy dressers, play melodic, cutsie-hard punk (they’re the soundtrack to – not actually involved in – the barroom brawl that lands everyone in jail where everyone eventually bonds and jokes around save the big baddie who just can’t let it go, maaaan), and I keep getting Bouncing Souls flashbacks, but with more vocal accuracy. They milk the “secret agents armed and on the run” idea for all it’s worth, but this A-Team is locked, loaded, and ready to rock’n’roll so run for cover!
(5337 College Ave. #318 Oakland, CA 94618)