Brujeria – Mextremist Hits – Review


Mextremist Hits (Koolarrow)
by Tim Den

Not just a “best of,” but a collection of remixes, new tracks, and most of the band’s rare 7″s. What a bargain! As always, Brujeria do not fail to please: Satanism, necropedophilia, S&M, Mexican Guerrilla politics, weed-smokin’, tales of the cocaine trade… the gang’s all here, covered in riffage as dangerous as machete slices. You get the original, down-and-dirty versions of such classics as “Seis Seis Seis” (six six six), “Molestando Ninos Muerdos” (molesting dead children), as well as newbies like “Narco-Peda” (helluva verse riff!) and “Asesino” (bad-ass breakdown). What’s more, four “techno” remixes are throw in for good measure (or ironic, tongue-in-cheek humor?), including a remake of “Macarena” with “marijuana” as its main refrain. And, of course, the grind is perfect and the brutality is matched only by a week’s worth of real Montezuma’s Revenge. Get this or face the wrath of el verga del Brujo!