Initial’s Catalog Sampler – Disc Number Three – Review

Initial’s Catalog Sampler

Disc Number Three (Initial)
by Tim Den

A great label and a strong distro company in one: Incredible! Focusing more on the labels they distribute than their own roster, Initial’s Catalog Sampler Disc Number Three is a cross-section of all that is ripping mad in the hardcore/emo scene. Bands from labels such as Equal Vision, Vagrant, Hydrahead, Relapse, Polyvinyl, and Solid State cover just about every subgenre you can think of. “Traditional” hardcore (American Nightmare, Faded Grey, John Henry Holiday), spazz/metalcore (Burnt By The Sun, Converge, Disembodied, Keelhaul, Knut, Martyr AD, Old Man Gloom), emo (Breaking Pangaea, River City High, Sunday’s Best, Spark Lights The Friction)… even what appears to be a glam power ballad (Avenged Sevenfold)! Alright, so some totally useless shit’s in there too (Onelinedrawing, No Idea Society), but just try and find this kind of variety somewhere else. Some heavy-hitters (that are a cut above the rest) are also included just in case you’re really clueless: Namely Hey Mercedes, Mastodon, No Motiv, and Rainer Maria. Beginners: This is your textbook to Millennial Punk and Hardcore 101. Take notes. Even more: Christiansen, Fall Silent, Few Left Standing, Stretch Arm Strong, The White Octave.
(PO Box 17131 Louisville, KY 40217)