Unreleased – No. 1 – Review


No. 1 (Deep Elm)
By Tim Den

Yup, I’m still a sucker for Deep Elm’s goods. Maybe not the newer acts so much, but certainly most of Unreleased No. 1‘s roster. Between the (usually patchy) Planes Mistaken For Starsfirst ever recorded song and Red Animal War‘s best composition yet, you get Triple Fast Action‘s sleepy Dinosaur Jr. rock, Pop Unknown‘s somber pop, and Starmarket‘s expected brilliance. Hell, even the usually crappy Five Eight chimes in with a winner. And that’s not mentioning Dead Red Sea, Seven Storey Mountain, Brandtson, and This Beautiful Mess all contributing A-side material. If this is the unreleased stuff, you can only imagine how great the full-lengths are.
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