Nicodemus – The Supernatural Omnibus – Review


The Supernatural Omnibus (Dark Symphonies)
by Scott Hefflon

Despite an uneven (self-produced) mix, Nicodemus distinguish themselves with some really good songs for such a young band. From delicate piano serenades to galloping metal to broody Goth metal, Nicodemus ooze style and good musicianship and the kind of dynamics most of the bigger black and post-black metal bands had to build up to… They’re not on par with, say, Tristania or any of the really good, spooky, male/female/growling/singing bands, but their use of so many voices atop the crushing guitars, atmospheric synths, and bells, chimes, and various haunting effects bodes well for the band. Some of the melodies presented here are breathtaking, and while I’m not a fan of a few of the vocal styles used, the clean vocals are nice, and one of the shrieks is cool, I just hate the very, very first vocal style that opens the CD. This band has all the right element, they just need to pull a few of them forward, and that’s mostly simply hiring a good producer. Love the cover, too.
(PO Box 547 Billerica, MA 01821)