Between Home And Serenity – Power Weapons in the Complex – Review

betweenhomeandserenity200Between Home And Serenity

Power Weapons in the Complex (Rust)
by Scott Hefflon

One of those bands that must keep a checklist handy to make sure they include every popular style in every song: Powerful singing, screaming, emo reaching, guitar noodling, guitar chugging, driving beats, breakdowns, a few sparse parts, etc. Like alt boy bands picking who gets to be the “bad” one, and who should look at the camera and who should look away, BHAS are a band build for Myspace friends and Purevolume downloads (stats are in the bio, as is their Smartpunk sales rating). They’ve played scattered Warped Tour dates, and will surely play more, because while there’s nothing to distinguish them from the rest of the genre bands, there’s absolutely nothing about them to turn anyone off, unless you loathe the posing genre as a whole.