Schiller – Life – Review


Life (Radikal)
by DJ Carrion

Schiller is a very obscure project hailing from Germany. I discovered them due to Peter Heppner of Wolfsheim’s guest vocal appearance on “I Feel You” from the album Voyage.

Schiller’s creator, Christopher von Deylen, assembles an interesting cast of guest vocalists ranging from Heppner to Veljanov of Deine Lakaien to Sarah Brightman. All of them accompany and provide the voices to the dreamstate-ridden electronica created at his hands. Each track the guest vocalists sing adds a style and depth to the already lush songs.

“Desire” interrupts the dreamy flow and delves into a more upbeat and awakening style accompanied by Veljanov’s deeply rich vocals.

The track “Conclusion” is placed very fittingly. If you were watching a movie, it would play during the heartbreaking departure. Synthesized piano’s and strings echo through this acoustic guitar-laden ending.

As an added bonus, Life comes with a DVD which features two concerts and the music videos for “Love” and “I Feel You.” The Frankfurt show has excellent quality and is held at an enormous venue which translates the live Schiller experience as best as it can, while the Berlin show does the band no justice due to extremely poor quality with the audio and visual. It looks worse than watching a movie with barely any memory on your computer.

With Life being readily available in America through Radikal Records and having a formula that follows in the footsteps of Delerium and Enigma – but giving the style a dose of upbeat electronica – Schiller will surely move out of obscurity.