Turin Brakes – Jackinabox – Review

turinbrakes200Turin Brakes

Jackinabox (Astralwerks)
by Tim Den

My, how Turin Brakes have grown. At one point the “little brother” of Astralwerks, the duo of Gale Paridjanian and Olly Knights has finally graduated from “nice production” to “nice production and nice songs.” Jackinabox, recorded entirely by the band at their new basement compound in a smelly ex-stable, could be the bastard child of Last Days Of April, Doves, and Grace. Its fragility is deceptive (the hooks are solid), while a newfound optimism permeates the entire record. Even drummer Rob Allum says that listening to it reminds him of the Pacific Ocean. Indeed, Jackinabox is more California dreaming/Gram Parsons than Manchester fog a la Elbow, further proving that not all mellow British music constitutes as “suicidal.”