Superdickery – Review


by Chad Van Wagner

I don’t really get comics. Nothing against ’em, I just can’t get past jamming all that dialogue into one still frame of action. Of course, the bizarre storylines and contrived drama doesn’t help. Admit it, there’s more than a little soap opera in even the best of comics.

Even the comic geeks have gone off on the silliness. Enter Superdickery, a site dedicated to pointing out the absurdity of the DC and Marvel worlds (as well as the occasional excursion into Archie comics). Apparently, Superman married Lois Lane no fewer then thirty or so times, Batman and Robin were pissed off at each other every seven minutes, and Wonder Woman is into bondage with that rope of hers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

website-superdick1There are all sorts of galleries, based on different themes. The best of these is “Seduction of the Innocent.” Because slang is a fickle beast. What is a simple, innocent comment one era becomes unintentional porn the next. And if an entire page of panels with Joker talking about pulling Batman’s boner doesn’t, uh, get you off, then you have no funny bone. The others are nothing to sneeze at either.

I’ve wasted no fewer then three hours on this site, and there’s still more to go. My ass will never be the same (heh).