KMFDM – Ruck Zuck – Review


Ruck Zuck (Metropolis)
by DJ Carrion

Known for bombing the living bejesus out of the fans with an attack of singles, this time around KMFDM revises the previous album Hau Ruck almost a year later with the new EP Ruck Zuck. In the opening track, they give a nod to Seattle’s Paul Aleinikoff as they end “Free Your Hate” with an excerpt from his radio show, “On The Edge c89.5.”

These songs have been dismantled and rebuilt by various members of KMFDM, and even the Dwarves partake in the track demolishing. Take away the vocals, and these songs have been almost stripped beyond recognition. The ones that differ the most are “Mini Mini Mini,” which goes rockabilly, and “Real Thing” being forced to be a contender for a Chill-Out Trance compilation spot.

With six remixes from Hau Ruck, the remaining three are the lost “WWIII” extended remixes, along with two new tracks, “Der Mussolini,” a cover version of the D.A.F. classic done the KMFDM way, and “Ansage,” a spoken word rant by Sasha with blippy electronics hovering around his dialogue.