The Dollyrots – Because I’m Awesome – Review

dollyrots-600 6_1notextThe Dollyrots

Because I’m Awesome (Blackheart)
by Scott Hefflon

Spunky, punky bubblegum powerpop anthems by a blonde hottie, signed to Joan Jett’s label, Warped Tour darlings, with opener “Because I’m Awesome” featured in a Kohls’ commercial and ABC’s The Greek and Ugly Betty and CW’s Reap, and probably other crap I couldn’t bear to sit through. If you like what Gwen turned into, or Pink, or Avril, or Bif Naked (who I personally still enjoy, MTV-manufactured image make-over or not), this is for you without question. For those who want a little more substance to their female-front pop, the disturbing illustrations might forgive the predictability of the tunes, or perhaps the fact that this band is still pretty indie, not all glammed up and quoted on E! on every subject whether they know shit about it or not. Maybe they’re just vapid and pretty and catchy, maybe they’re just drawn that way (that’s a Roger Rabbitism, in case yer new here). Your call.