Candy Striper Death Orgy – Review

December 1, 1993

A few death roars and fun deathly gimmicks, but mostly they have the monster mosh madness of Kreator, Hallow’s Eve, Possessed, and the humor of S.O.D.

Ashes – Review

December 1, 1993

Ashes takes hardcore to a new extreme with a female singer. They hail from Maryland, and have been around for a couple of years.

Souls At Zero – Review

December 1, 1993

Wrathchild (later Wrathchild America) was a pretty basic metal band, Souls At Zero emerged with the same line-up and a blistering sound.

Toetag – Reality – Review

October 1, 1993

A dose of Reality from Toe Tag. They were actually able to pull off capturing the raw energy of their live show and put it in a cellophaned package.

Grind Ring – Review

September 1, 1993

I was instantly kicked in the teeth by the powerful vocals. At 4:30 in the morning, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Riot Act – Review

June 1, 1993

Like a tightly-clenched fist, it twitches and waits for its time. The wound-up and tightly-packed energy source is soon to be released with a smirk.

Slowpoke – Review

June 1, 1993

With all the talent and experience behind each band member in the Western MA grunge/funk band, there is little doubt that they’ll be successful.

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