Project Pollen – Review

March 1, 1998

Their self-titled album on Mutiny is laid-back, female-vocaled, easygoing and full of percussive keyboards, maybe the occasional Rhodes Piano.

Trip to the Andes – Review

March 1, 1998

I don’t hear a single “Inca” thing. Okay, there are a few flutes. Sounds pretty good if you’re stoned, or coming down, or just don’t feel like moving much.

Renegade Continuum – Review

March 1, 1998

As is the case with drum’n’bass, it can get confusing if you’re looking for the backbeat. But if you can follow the action, it’s pretty damn incredible.

Olive – Extra Virgin – Review

November 1, 1997

Too pop to be trip, too R’n’B to be Poe, too slick to be Björk, not massive enough to be an attack. It really doesn’t add up to much. Elevator electro?

Daft Punk – Homework – Review

October 1, 1997

Homework is light-hearted and fun in a background music kind of way. But between you and me, I’d rather be listening to Photek.

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