Big Catholic Guilt – Judgement – Review

Big Catholic Guilt

Judgement (CherryDisc)
by Scott Hefflon

Without sounding like hyperbole, Big Catholic Guilt defines intensity. Using techno sound effects as a backdrop, industrial strength guitars shredding through focus, slick, non-stop dance bash-beating throughout and, as icing on the cake, the oh-so-sugary vocals of Sam Jordan. The sheer strength of Jordan’s distorted ravings are just shy of terrifying. The lyrics are personal, observant, and angrily poetic. The graphics follow the theme of dark Gothic imagery, as in the music. Yet, add the classic grainy feel to a well-produced, full sound of organized technological mayhem. This is not easy listening, this is for the adrenaline-pumped stomp generation. As winners of last year’s WBCN Rock’n’Roll Rumble, B.C.G. now has the credit, the backing, and the following.