Stroke 9 – Rip It Off – Review

Stroke 9

Rip It Off (Universal)
by Scott Hefflon

The single, “Kick Some Ass,” (in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back) really needed to be written. I like when bands make fun of shithead fans/bands, even moreso when the dipshits still won’t get it. Like Local H’s “High-Fiving Motherfucker,” it’s good to sing about how much you hate the jocks. Chances are the morons’ll cheer anyway. Someone’d need to explain to them that they’re being made fun of, and that might take awhile, so why bother?

OK, so the rest of the record is significantly less, uh, significant. Decent hook-oriented radio rock rejects with occasional decent cuts, “Just Can’t Wait,” “Latest Disaster, and “Liar,” but usually just isolated verses, choruses, riffs, or whatever that sparkle briefly and then fade back into obscurity. But hints of “what it takes” deserve mention, as does having one song, “Kick Some Ass,” that does just that.

Videos for “Kick Some Ass” and Afroman’s “Because I Got High” are at