Scooch Pooch – Their Original Sins – Review

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Their Original Sins (Scooch Pooch)
by Jon Sarre

Lemme tell ya, I was feeling pretty fuckin’ low when I crawled home after another hard day at the office (I swear they’re cuttin’ me off earlier and earlier). I opened my mail box, expecting the usual assortment of “You May Have Already Won a Condo in Haiti,” “Missing: You May Have Already Seen Me” and the always hilarious “We May Have Already Cut Off Your Power: Where’s Our Money?” junk mail. Instead, there’s this CD sittin’ there.

“Wow!” I say, to no one in particular.” Possibly previously released tracks from Zeke, Teen Angels, Lord High Fixers, Steerjockey, The Bottom Feeders, Pop Defect, Nine Pound Hammer and many more!” The old guy who lives next door looked at me the same way he did that time I stopped by to borrow whatever he was having for dinner that night. Then he kinda slipped inside his house and shut the door.

Anyway, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and listen to this mystery gift (It coulda been from Lollipop, but why would they send me something on the day of deadline?). Lo and behold, my blues were chased away from the onset of the first song. Yes sir, Scooch Pooch has assembled a veritable 1927 Yankees of footstompin’ in yer face garageabilly punk rock. Besides the great shit from the abovementioned bands, you’ve also got killer stuff from The La Donnas, The Ray-ons, Countdowns, Gomez, Dead End Cruisers, Detroit Cobras, The Hectics and as they say on TV, “but wait, that’s not all!”

This comp has no theme, it’s not a tribute, it’s not a benefit. It’s just flat-out, unadorned rock ‘n’ roll music, loud ‘n’ coarse ‘n’ white trash, like it’s supposed to be. So go buy it already! You know you’re gonna listen to it more than that Puking On Your Shoes: A Tribute to Dean Martin record that’s comin’ out next month.