Garbage Pail – Scene Splicing – Column

Garbage Pail

by Scott Hefflon, William Ham, and Lex Marburger

Scene Splicing

  • Rage Against the Machines of Loving Grace
  • No Means No Doubt (“0+2 = I’m Just A Girl”)
  • Front 242Pac
  • Sly and the Family Stone Temple Pilots (“Thank You Falettinme Be Plush Again”)
  • Jackie Wilson Phillips
  • Richard Helloween and the Voivods
  • Mister Mr. Big Star 69 Inch Nails
  • Ani DiFrankie Goes To Hollywood (“When Two Tribes Smash Male Corporate Oppression”)
  • Revolting Cocteau Twins
  • Bloodhound Gang of Four Non-Blondes (“What’s Going On, The Ether’s On Fire”)
  • Type O Positive
  • Minutemen Without Hats (“Do You Want the Safety Dance (or Do You Want the Truth)?”)
  • Steely Danzig (“Mother Don’t Lose That Number”)
  • Bruce Springsteenage Fanclub (“Born In The Status Quo”)
  • Sonic Youth Brigade (“Sink With Dirty Boots”)
  • Bouncing Soul II Soul Coughing (“Keep On Movin’ On The Bus To Beelzebub”)
  • Soft Boys II Men
  • Santanimotion (Black Magic Obsession”)
  • New York Goo Goo Vandolls
  • Too Much Joy Division
  • Panterosmith
  • White ZomB-52s (“More Human Than Rock Lobster”)
  • Becko and the Bunnymen (“Bring on the Dancing Losers”)
  • Funkadelic Furs (“Isn’t The Atomic Dog Pretty In Pink”)
  • Gary Numanthrax (“I’m The Man In Cars”)