Indecision – Release the Cure – Review


Release the Cure (MIA)
by Tim Den

Rrrrrrrrrrooooaaaaaarrrr!!!! Shit, I love these guys. There’s a reason why most metalcore bands suck: they have Indecision as competition. One of the only bands I enjoy in the genre, Indecision is ballsy, intelligent, fearless, hard-working, full of spirit, untamable, and just too fucking good at what they do. They fuckin’ rock. They don’t break any new ground, but they use the metalcore formula to its fullest and write some goddamn kick ass tunes. You’ve got meaty riffing (and an Earth-shattering guitar sound), tribal hardcore drumming (typical enough to induce whirlpools on the dance floor, but inventive enough to out-smart their contemporaries), and a vocalist who personifies hardcore. I haven’t heard a growl as good as Artie Philie’s in a long time. He just tears it up. So vicious and thick is his delivery, when Roger Miret makes a guest appearance, you’d wish he give the mike back. I never thought anyone could do that.

Lyrically, Indecision is the perennial hardcore role model. Defiant yet understanding, street-smart yet educated, rebellious yet well-reasoned… they are what hardcore is all about. They don’t rant ignorantly about “social change” like so many other chump outfits out there. Instead, they support their opinions with facts, well-written declarations, and personal notes in the liner notes that enlighten the listener/reader. They are the result of hardcore’s twenty-year maturing process, and they’re a real threat to popular culture. If there ever was a hardcore heaven, it is this record.

I can’t say enough about this record and this band. Indecision understands the fine art of not experimenting, simply because they are so fucking good at what they do. They understand that they’re a hardcore band… a very good hardcore band. The genre needs their songwriting skills, their motivation and what they stand for. And I love Indecision for being here. “While I live, I may fail… but I will never be weak.” Right fuckin’ on.