Rather Good – Review

Rather Good

by Scott Hefflon

A friend of mine sent me the link to the Flash video where photos of kitties have Viking helmets superimposed on their heads, are sitting in a boat, and bounce across the seas as Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” plays and they “sing” in thought bubbles. But when I backed up to the main page, I discovered a kittie playing a xylophone while another kittie smokes to Elbow’s “Independent Woman.” The White Stripes and The Vines are similarly covered by kitties. And then, uh, it starts to get weird.

There’s an endless loop of a penguin with a guy’s face whacking meatballs as Bronski Beat’s “Perfect Beat” is adapted to “Hit that Perfect Meatball.” Shorter, um, shorts like “Big Pants” and “Spoooon Guaaaaard” and the rather disturbing “Holding” (a naked dude with a big head face-fucks a rabbit as “Holding Back the Years” is changed to “holding back the ears,” but don’t worry, in “Mickey,” the bunny is suddenly ten times bigger and bum-rams the naked dude to Toni Basil’s “Hey Mickey”), are but a few of the Flash videos at your fingertips.

Spongemonkeys, musk oxes, beavers, and the Adventures of Blode and friends (I have not the words to describe what these are “about”) are here too, but my brain is starting to turn into tapioca. Highly recommended if you like absurd humor, find clip art superimposed on out-of-context stuff funny, and like to almost pee yourself laughing at stuff that you’re pretty sure makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.