DIY or Die: Burn This DVD – Review

DIY or Die: Burn This DVD

by Lex Marburger

Directed in the style of a high school senior’s video project, DIY or Die is a self-congratulatory pat on the back for the indie movement, as well as a starter kit for rebellious youth (or those who want to sound like rebellious youth). Impressive, though, the names they got to interview: Lydia Lunch, Mike Watt, Ian MacKaye, J Mascis, Jim Rose, Foetus, Steve Albini, Richard Kern, Gwar, Ron Asheton, etc, etc. Helpful hint: If you recite the above names like a mantra, you will convince 90% of everyone you meet that you are both artistic and cool.

In order to appreciate this DVD, you have to be really into what these guys are saying, or at least pretend to. Essentially, here’s the gist: According to this, people who do something only a few people like & who don’t make a lot of money are better than everyone else. If you make a lot of money, stop. If you do something a majority of people like, stop. Then, you too will be cool.

Because it’s all about being cool. And poor. And misunderstood. Yeah.
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