Punk Rock Holocaust – Review

dvd-punkrockholocaust200Punk Rock Holocaust

by Sarah Katz

Man, this had so much potential… I love the Warped Tour and hate a lot of bands that call themselves “punk” nowadays, so I really wanted to see them die slasher-movie style. Then I watched the DVD. First of all, these people can’t act worth shit. I know third graders who can act better in a school play. Then there’s the gore element. I was thinking there’d be something bloody brutal like Reservoir Dogs, but I’ve seen ketchup drippings more gruesome.

It’s funny watching some of the bands die, and the live segments are pretty snazzy. But then there are all these scenes with the intern and some other dude trying to figure out who the murderer is, and man, their monotone dialogue is more life-threatening than the killer. Bummer, what a let down.
(www.punkrockholocaust.com, www.springmanrecords.com)