The Rise – Reclamation Process – Review

therise200The Rise

Reclamation Process (Suburban Home)
by Scott Hefflon

Like a lot of bands that stretch boundries, it’s hard to tell at first if it’s cool and new (“the next new style,” if you fall for fads), or if it’s just a deliberate attempt to break rules and throw in as many styles as you can to mask the fact that you have no personality, and aren’t actually good at any one thing. The inclusion of skittering techno bugs me, cuz only a couple bands have ever “thrown that in” and made it work as part of the whole. The bio sez there’s punk and metal and emo and industrial in here too, and I’ll take their word for it, cuz I’m sick of skimming this thing and finding bits of bad metal, and bad industrial (people really need to listen to real metal and real industrial and realize their fourth grade sketches aren’t impressing anyone who actually knows anything about either genre). I’ll leave emo alone, cuz emo sucks anyway. At The Drive-In and The Mars Volta are referenced, because the band’s also from Texas, and the pronunciation is kinda similar. The kinda yelpy post-hardcore power rock is kinda nice, but lots of tantrum rock is similarly nice. Lotta energy, lotta experimentation, but they really oughtta figure out who they are and what they do best and rocket forward on those styles, instead of doing a million things ranging from embarrassingly bad to moderately decent.