Evil Now – Review

stuff-evilnow200Evil Now

by Scott Hefflon

Six months ago, a former Lollipop assistant requested stuff from Evil Now, and all I can find now are the shot glasses. But they’re bad ass shots glasses, and I’ve put them through the paces, and they still work great.

Evil Now is an electronic catalog/newsletter for Shane Bugbee, a self-promoting lunatic who’s been discovering/reselling/producing weird shit for 20 years now: CDs, DVDs, books, art prints, tee shirt, etc. And shot glasses. Serial killer stuff, Anton LaVey stuff, Dana Plato’s Last Breath… You know, the classics. Kinda reminds me of the DVDs Film Threat was putting out in until the mid-’90s and the books Headpress is releasing now. Only, uh, shittier. Shitty production is an aesthetic, just ask early black metal bands not in prison for killing people or burning churches. It’s hard to tell whether Evil Now is a reaction against all the glossy, over-hyped, poorly-written commercial pap (from Britney to The Matrix parts 2 and 3 to nü metal: Gorgeous production and visuals with no story or substance), or if Shane just likes shitty-looking weird stuff.