Lacrimas Profundere – Filthy Notes for Frozen Hearts – Review

lacrimasprofundere200Lacrimas Profundere

Filthy Notes for Frozen Hearts (Napalm )
by Scott Hefflon

Always a somber-stomping good time with Lacrimas Profundere. Not as mopey as what most’d consider “Goth rock,” and not as over-simplified as HIM, but ya just KNOW people who adore that band’ll ask “Who?” when ya talk about these guys. Such is the way of the mainstream. Not as ass-tearing as Moonspell (when they’re in the mood), not as sultry (and often boring) as Type O Negative (who hasn’t done anything worthwhile in so long, why keep referencing them?), and it’s not industrial metal in any way, so Rammstein and Manson and the slew of knock-offs they inspired are kept at bay. Less metal than, say, Dark Tranquillity, but the rich baritone vocals make it less Heart-like than Lullacry, and more blood-drenched than Poisonblack (who I like, but they skate too close to glam for some). If you watched a stripper dance to this instead of fuckin’ hip-hop, you’d get it. Every Suicide Girl worth her eyeliner should know these guys, but they rarely get further than HIM and the other Good Charlotte versions of real Goth rock.