Juliette and The Licks – Four On the Floor – Review

juliette200Juliette and The Licks

Four On the Floor (The Militia Group)
by Scott Hefflon

Glad to see The Militia Group get off the alt.boy band trip for but a moment and release a real record. While some might whine that Juliette and The Licks is simply warmed over Stones strut with tits (they’re small, but they’re nice), their live show will leave you breathless, and songwriting-wise, Juliette has classic/garage rock music flowing through her veins, and it’s as second-nature to her as blinking. She’s not a safe actress, and she’s not a safe musician. Aside from being an extremely charismatic frontwoman, she’s obviously loved rock’n’roll for the majority of her life. She studied it’s motion, breathed in its balls-smelling essence, and lived and learned so she can now create and add to the ongoing continuance of rock.