The Fades – Review

thefades200The Fades

by Scott Hefflon

When you’re lucky, a young band can deliver the goods on a lot of levels. They haven’t yet been told they need to pick a sound and style, then stick to it and have fans bitch about any deviation from the standard until they feel like a band covering their own original material. The Fades are from South West London. They aren’t Britpop, they aren’t milking The Clash for another decade, and they aren’t aping American rock. While they may call apartments “flats,” they know what a garage is, and the type of rock to be played there. There’s angular geekrock here, plus punk snarl, plus guitar hero “look at me!” snickering, plus both dark and boppy punkpop, all strewn about the garage. Bring a flashlight and explore.