Riot Fest Is Almost Here. The Schedule. The Map. The App. – News

Riot Fest Is Almost Here. Check Out the Schedule, Map, and Riot Fest App.

Riot Fest is almost here and three-day tickets are almost gone. Get them while you can and we’ll see you on Friday.


Rejoice! The Riot Fest schedule is here! Find out when and where your favorite bands are playing. If you haven’t gotten your Riot Fest tickets yet, there’s still a limited amount available. Don’t wait! Head over to our TICKETS PAGE for more information.

How the heck am I supposed to find anything at Riot Fest? You can use this trusty map. Where do I park? Check out the map. Need to poop? We have toilets, and they’re on the map! Trying to figure out where the stages are? Map it up! Don’t thank us, thank the map.

Download the Riot Fest app. Or don’t download it. Seriously though, all the cool kids are downloading the Riot Fest App. Navigate your way through the weekend, find which band is playing on what stage and when, create a custom schedule to share with your friends, find what you’re looking for on the map, get useful (and non-useful) notifications, and more.

Riot Fest may end at 10:00 p.m. each night, but we know that this is when the night’s just getting started for many of you. For those who need more we present Riot Fest Late Night shows. Tickets ON SALE NOW.