Maps – Vicissitude – Music Stream

September 17, 2013

Chilly electro indie rock that you quickly warm up to, in the vein of Junior Boys or Supersystem. Maps is one dude – James Chapman from Northampton, England.

Supermachine – Music Stream

August 23, 2013

Recording sounds great, but if you were a fan of Scissorfight, most of these songs are a waste of the guitarist’s and bassist’s gonzo talent and locked groove.

Revocation – Music Stream

August 20, 2013

Unlike most “tech metal” bands, Boston’s Revocation actually have some great hooks and songs that stick with you.

Deville – Hydra – Music Stream

August 16, 2013

There’s enough metal chug and stoner swagger to keep this a rock record, but the polished production will make the shaggy wary of commercial overplay.

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