Glory Daze Soundtrack – Review

Glory Daze

(Kung Fu)
by Scott Hefflon

An original motion picture soundtrack with music by the Vandals’ Warren Fitzgerald and songs by many of today’s favorite punk bands. Sound like a good sales pitch? It is. A few songs you may not have heard unless you dig into B-side archives, but mostof them you could get (or already have) if you collect brand name punk. Easier than making a mixed tape, but your stuck with someone else’s idea of a mixed tape. Songs by The Vandals (3), The Bouncing Souls (2), Mr. T Experience (2), NOFX (2), The Assorted Jelly Beans (1), Epoxy (1), Hepcat (1), Tilt (2), The Billy Nater Show (1), New Bomb Turks (1), and Sublime (1).