Something Awful – Review

Something Awful

by Chad Van Wagner

Pretty much as the title says, Something Awful is a site which mercilessly satirizes the stupid and the sanity-challenged, mostly in the forms of rants as written by the editors of the site. There’s precious little actual information on the site (although it does contain the useful bit of advice “Identifying most nuclear attacks is as easy as turning towards the giant incandescent ball of heat and radiation expanding through your city and burning out your retinas.” Thanks for that.) It seems to exist purely as an outlet for the vented spleen of its participants.

Which, in this case, is just fine. The mockery is first-rate, and the writers have the rare ability to make you laugh harder at something that is already pretty hilarious. One particularly amusing entry involves the color-coded terrorist alert system (we’re all in trouble when the meter goes to hot pink, known as the “fabulous alert,” which indicates that Ninjas have kidnapped the President.)

No smart-ass site is complete without laughing maliciously at others, and the “Awful Link of the Day” is there for just that. Something Awful tends to lean towards the religious/conspiracy theory nut when posting these, and I must say it’s absolutely incredible what some people will say with such conviction (and just how incoherently they say it). The rants are usually quite involved, which means that Something Awful isn’t much to simply browse, but give it a few minutes, and it’ll do you just fine.