Coliseum – Goddamage – Review


Goddamage (Manic Ride)
by Scott Hefflon

In a perfect world, one where the word “alternative” actually meant something, Manic Ride would be a name on all the cool kids’ lips. Unfortunately, the kids buy into alterna-boy bands with perfectly shaggy hair and practiced poses. Like Sub Pop brought the world grunge, Manic Ride and a handfulla other labels bring dangerous, noisy rock to the masses. Well, to the few thousand looking to throw shot glasses against the wall to a song as bad ass as “Ace of Spades.” Dangerous, roaming humans in denim and leather. The people you either run and hide from, or the people you wanna go drinking with, as long as you’re not picking up the tab.

Coliseum? Noisy, tuff, and melodic like a muscle car idling. This is an eight-song EP following Level Plane’s full length (another underground label with fine bands only the true cool fuckers know about, ya posers) by a band fronted by Black Cross/Initial Records dude, Ryan Patterson.