Juned – “Possum” – Review

December 1, 1996

I am just so fucking indie rock I can’t stand it! That’s why I like Juned. It reminds me of wet flowers in the bathtub drain.

Blue Meanies – Pave The World – Review

November 1, 1996

Their cover of Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” rips shit up, creatively blending ska and balls-to-the-wall thrash. Next is a Turtles cover, “Happy Together.”

Zeke – Chiva Knieval – Review

November 1, 1996

Good punk rock guitar screech, scum rock vocals with melody, elements of AC/DC and New Bomb Turks. Fast, energetic, to-the-point, cool.

Handsome – “Waiting” – Review

November 1, 1996

The band members hardcore roots and experience are evident on this 7″. Do I even need to mention I liked their earlier bands better than this one?

Couch – This Lifes EP – Review

November 1, 1996

Throwaway indie pop with elements of post punk and post hardcore. Like an adolescent diary (or ‘zine) entry that rambles pointlessly about a humdrum life.

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