Plea For Peace Take Action – Volume 2 – Review

Plea For Peace Take Action

Volume 2 (Sub City/Asian Man)
By Tim Den

Second disc from the highly-successful tour package that benefits The National Hopeline Network (a suicide hotline) and Kristin Brooks Hope Center. As always, a who’s who of underground artists show up to offer audio accompaniment, ranging from “heavy emo” (which is basically mainstream modern rock ala Hoobastank [Finch, Noise Ratchet, Recover]), “look at us, we’re sad” emo punk (Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, Audio Karate), bad metal wannabes (Avenged Sevenfold, Curlupandie, Eighteen Visions), real metal (meaning it’s good [Poison The Well, God Forbid, Shadows Fall]), and everything in between. You’ve got (surprisingly) spirit-raising Common Rider doin’ hyper ska, Cave In doing their space rock thang, Anti-Flag dishin’ out the smooth soundin’ (political) pop punk, Moneen ripping off Braid, and a slew of bands trying to be witty with their song titles to make up for their shitty music (“Ted Nugent Goes AOL,” “Cute Without the E (Cut From the Team),” “The Ocean is a Fuck of a Long Way to Swim,” “Noble Stabbings!!”)… and it’s a double disc! So support the cause, learn about the good bands, and take notes on which ones to avoid. More: Jesse Michaels, The Lawrence Arms, The Beautiful Mistake, Snapcase, Open Hand, The Movielife, August Premier (who completely rip Propagandhi’s “This Might be Satire”), Digger, The Plus One’s, Amazing Transparent Man, Tsunami Bomb, The Deal, Dillinger Four, Piebald, Ultimate Fakebook, Bad Astronaut, Mike Park.
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